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Drug Information Solutions

Offering scalable drug information and medical communication solutions to increase organizational value. A partnership for success.

Dominion Research Center

The Dominion Research Center translates healthcare discoveries and complex scientific data into motivating communications.  As a result, we help clients achieve organizational excellence and recommendation by healthcare professionals.

Comprehensive and Flexible Clinical Communication Solutions
  • Seamlessly integrated with your organization's existing framework to provide unparalleled support and guidance

  • Increase professional awareness of your healthcare organization

  • Increase organizational value and competitiveness in a diverse marketplace

  • Customizable to fit the needs of small and medium sized organizations

  • Providing internal and external support to meet the demands of a complex industry

  • Providing standardized responses tailored to fit or individualized responses based on question complexity

  • Providing booth attendance for medical, industry or trade conferences

  • Cost effective and efficiently beneficial to your organization's budget constraints

The Dominion Research Center also covers medical conferences on an individualized basis depending on your organization's specific needs.  We can cover and report on any size meeting in all therapeutic areas.  Each conference is tailored to meet your objectives and information delivered in a variety of formats.  Our conference coverage teams are comprised of seasoned, U.S. educated and licensed healthcare professionals.  Typical coverage includes: