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Tailored Drug Information Solutions

Providing customized drug information services to healthcare organizations

Medical communications programs are specifically tailored to integrate with small to large sized healthcare or academic organizations. We most effectively shift the burden of information sharing from your internal departments that don't have the resources, budget or desire to handle inquiries from a wide variety of interests. This is our core strength and value proposition to organizations.

The medical communication function at healthcare and academic organizations is accelerating beyond its traditional support function into a matrix of major responsibilities bridging research, clinical development, scientific publications, health outcomes, biostatistics, medical education and diverse other medical services.

Providing physicians, professional groups, healthcare professionals and patients with medical/scientific information, education and research. The medical communication function enhances an organization’s scientific reputation. 

Our service system supports your organizational goals, integrates seamlessly with your internal departments. We provide your organization's stakeholders with prompt, accurate support in a friendly, professional manner so that they remain satisfied with, confident in and loyal to your brand.

By integrating your internal knowledge base with the Dominion Research Center's expertise, we will help your organization succeed in a highly competitive and complex environment.

We recognize the significant investment and potential value of medical communications support and develop customized programs to unleash the full capabilities of your organization. Our model is extremely flexible and scale-able. We provide clients with multiple options including the utilization of the Dominion Research Center as its entire Medical Communications Department or the utilization of select services from our core capabilities. 

Core Capabilities

Drug Information

"Out of the box" or custom tailored responses to drug information requests from physicians, healthcare professionals, patients and other stakeholders. Internal and external support available in a variety of formats.  

Continuing Education

Creation of compelling continuing educational offerings of which can be presented in a variety of formats to suit your organization's specific needs; onsite presentation, webex, teleconference or online access.

Conference Coverage

Highly valued service due to the rapid pace of cutting edge research and development currently delivered at medical and pharmacy conferences. Our clinical experts attend any venue to report on new therapeutic advances.

Therapeutic Areas of Specialization 

Oncology - Hematology - Immunology - Infectious Disease 

Rheumatology - Gastroenterology - Neurology - Dermatology

Dominion Research Center
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